This week we begin our classes again at Avalon! I am so excited gathering all the items I need to get some really fun classes going!

In the meantime I’ve been taking walks in the fields and checking out our paths for our upcoming hikes! Can’t wait.

It has been a pretty brutal winter here on Long Island this year and our ground is frozen solid with layers and layers of snow…. should make for a nice muddy season when it’s all gone… get out your rain boots.

Yesterday, while hiking, I saw a bunch of woodpeckers doing their thing. It’s so amazing to stop an just listen while you are hiking. The snow-covered ground seems to amplify the peck, peck pecking of the birds.

Flying through the trees I spotted an awesome red tailed hawk carrying it’s lunch… a silvery grey squirrel… the circle of life… of course I felt bad for the squirrel 🙁

The wildflower fields are filled with skeletons of last season’s growth. I used a winter wildflower guide book to help identify. Sort of like putting pieces of a puzzle together!

Can’t wait to have all my beautiful nature loving kids back…  have a Seedlings kind of day and go play in the snow!!!  Sue